Jay Leno's Acura NSX Demonstrates 4 Points of Great Experience Marketing

Acura's new NSX is one helluva hybrid supercar. It has a mid-mounted twin turbocharged V-6 that combines with 3 electric motors for a total of 573 horsepower. A 9-speed dual-clutch transmission and all wheel drive are two extra cherries on this banana split of glorious speed. And, to my eyes, it looks great.
So, just the car itself should be enough, right? After all, when Car and Driver magazine tested it, it made it from 0-60 in 3.1 seconds and ran a quarter mile in 11.1 seconds at 126 miles per hour. (Good bye, license?)
Well, they turned the experience up couple notches. 
With each NSX, they provide a couple of extras:
  1. a personalized video of the exact car purchased*
  2. A 1:18 scale model of the car perfectly matching the owner's new toy
So, you can look at it this way: spend $150k+ on a nice 1/18 scale model car and a personalized video, and you get a matching Acura NSX thrown in for free!
Seriously, this is great for the customer and for Acura. It checks 4 key boxes for great experience marketing
1. It's personalized.
Sure, it involves some splicing - all of the footage in the video isn't of the exact car purchased . . . but they personalize it with the production number at the beginning (Jay Leno's is #0003) and a shot of an NSX that looks exactly the same (colors and all appearance options matched) at the end. Not a bad way to add some extra pride of ownership.
2. It's unexpected
I can't say I've ever purchased a car with that came with a personalized video with my exact car as the star (consider the other cars used as stunt doubles) and a matching model car to sit on my desk to keep me psyched about my next drive through the twisties.
3. It involves all the major senses
The video has just the right sounds (nicely contrasting the snarly exhaust with the quiet of electric-only mode) with visuals of the car looking more stunning than I've seen it depicted elsewhere. Since you involve the sense of touch by holding the model , you get the full visual-auditory-kinesthetic experience.
4. It evokes strong positive emotions
Take a look at the video for Jay Leno's #0003 below.

Acura (aka Honda) was smart with this, as well as generous. They've gotten quite the splash of publicity helping the car elevate the brand just that much higher.

*the video shows the serial number of the car purchased as well as an NSX that looks exactly like it, given it has the same appearance options
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