What is the definition of Experience Marketing?

ex•pe•ri•ence mar•ket•ing

noun: experience marketing
  1. a program of scripting, orchestrating and promoting memorable customer adventure stories as the center of a company's promoted identity. 
                synonyms: customer experience marketing system; CX (customer experience)
    "Walt Disney's theme parks were a form of experience marketing before it was called that. We all need to be like Walt Disney now and design our business' customer experience paths to generate surprisingly delightful experiences as the basis of distinction."
gerund or present participle: experience marketing; verb: experience market; past tense: experience marketed
  1. polishing every point of contact with the customer for positive feelings. 
                synonyms: customer experience marketing; 
    "The team is experience marketing by designing and implementing stages of customer experience as if they were writing and directing a powerful movie."
  • facilitating exhilarating customer encounters and helping customers spread the word about the pleasure of doing business with them.
     "Experience marketing led to the company's superb online reputation and high referral rate."

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